Tuesday, July 16, 2013

They have taken my Silence.
They have taken my peace.

The stags no longer come to feast upon the lilies.
The dragonflies no longer come to hold their court.
The trees no longer glow in the evening sun.

The glory of morning is replaced by pounding racket.
The forest is silent and angry.

The walls of men grow tall.

From within the depths, The Guardian growls.
His eyes flash with fury - awakened, disturbed, risen.

Too long has he waited.
Too long has he slept.

He gathers the darkness.
He gathers the light.

Up through the pressure,
Up through the rock,
Up through the roots and hare dens

He takes with him all that he loves,
To retreat into the wild,
Where the walls of man cannot stand,
Where their noise cannot enter.

A new haven he must find.

Down through the roots and hare dens,
Down through the rock,
Down through the pressure

To the soft Mother's embrace he returns.

In this space of beauty and silence,
Gathered there they shall be.

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